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Sulphur Discs

Sulphur Discs are a must-have tool for every winemaker's barrel maintenance arsenal. Designed specifically for wine barrel cleaning, these discs simplify the process, ensuring the utmost cleanliness and sanitation of your barrels.


Key Benefits:

  • Effective Barrel Sanitation: Sulphur discs release controlled amounts of sulfur dioxide gas, a powerful antimicrobial agent that eliminates unwanted microorganisms, preventing contamination of your wine.

  • Preserves Wine Quality: By eradicating spoilage organisms and mold, our Sulphur Discs help maintain the purity and flavor profile of your wines during barrel aging.

  • Easy to Use: Simply ignite a disc, suspend it inside the barrel, and seal it. The sulfur dioxide gas will thoroughly sanitize the interior, reaching every nook and cranny.


Instructions for Use:

  • Remove the bung from the barrel you wish to clean.
  • Ignite one Sulphur Disc using a long-reach lighter or a sulfur disc igniter.
  • Hang the ignited disc inside the barrel using a barrel sulfur disc hanger or a length of string.
  • Reinsert the bung to seal the barrel, ensuring a tight fit.
  • Allow the Sulphur Disc to release sulfur dioxide gas for 2-3 hours for standard barrel maintenance. Adjust the exposure time based on your specific needs.
  • Ventilate the barrel by removing the bung after the recommended exposure time.
  • Rinse the barrel with water to remove any residual sulfur dioxide.


Dosage Instructions:

  • For sulphiting of wooden vats and barrels by burning:

    • 2.5 g for a 110-liter barrel
    • 5 g for a 220-liter barrel
    • 10 g for a 600-liter barrel
  • Sulphiting of vat to be filled:

    • Burn 2 g of sulphur per hectoliter (hL)
  • Preservation of empty vats:

    • Burn 4 g of sulphur per hectoliter (hL)
    • Repeat every 40 - 50 days


Sulphur Discs

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