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Process For Establishing An Account For Wholesale Purchase From Vino Corporation

We appreciate your interest in becoming a wholesale customer of Vino Corporation.

Please carefully review the information below to determine whether it applies to your present or future business plans. Due to the nature of our business, we are unable to approve all inquiries. We strongly encourage you to confirm that you can meet all of the criteria before making any plans to use our products.


  • Business Type: Vino Corporation grants wholesale accounts only to businesses with a dedicated storefront. Clubs, individuals, and home-based businesses are not eligible.

  • Licenses and Permits: All applicants must hold all relevant business licenses and a valid tax ID number. Wineries and breweries must possess a valid winery or brewery license, respectively. These will be submitted at the final stage of the application process.

Application Process

  • Account Creation: Applicants must create a business login account by clicking the provided link below. Alternatively if you are having problems, you can contact us and we can manually create the account.

  • Review and Approval: After creating your login account, you will be given access to our pricing catalog to determine if you are interested in proceeding with the application process. Once you've reviewed the pricing and are interested in continuing, please contact our sales team at so we can discuss the next steps.

  • Information Submission: Upon mutual agreement to establish a business relationship, applicants must then provide details regarding their company, such as banking and credit information, copies of all relevant business licenses and permits, and their tax ID number. We will provide a company information form to fill out that contains all the necessary details.

Ordering Process

  • Payment Process: After submitting your order, you may pay for your order through wire transfer, check, or credit card. If you choose credit then we'll send you a credit authorization form for your approval. 

  • Minimum first order: Please note that there's a minimum order requirement of $500.00 for the first purchase of all approved wholesale accounts. This initial order must be prepaid.


Vino reserves the right to deny any wholesale account application at its sole discretion. Following the submission of all information, a sales associate will review the application. Upon account approval, all new accounts must complete a company information form, a credit card authorization form, and submit the required licenses and certificates.

Home / Membership Signup

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