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Primary Fermenter Pail

The Primary Fermenter is a sturdy and reliable container for fermenting beer or wine. It is made of high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, both of which are approved by the FDA and can be recycled. It is built to withstand harsh conditions and meets the Food and Drug Administration's requirements for food contact.  The metal handle and measuring scale printed on the container make it easy to move and measure your fermenting mixture. The lid for the fermenter is sold separately.


Product of Canada.

Primary Fermenter Pail

SKU: V1460
    • 1 gal
    • 2 gal
    • 3 gal
    • 4 gal
    • 5 gal
    • 6 gal
    • 6.8 gal
    • 7.5 gal
    • 8 gal
    • 10 gal
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