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Otto's Roast House Series


Otto's Roast House Series

SKU: V3952
    • Otto's Biscuit Wheat: Wheat bread toast; Biscuit-style malt with deep golden to brown hues.
    • Otto's Special Roast: Toasty, bran flakes; Use in English Ales, nut brown ales and porters.
    • Otto's Special Roast Wheat: Toasted, wheat cracker; Adds toasted biscuit-like flavor and aroma to brown ales and porters.
    • Otto's Special Dark: Chocolate, fruity; Drum roasted with a caramel flavor, slight ruby edge.
    • Otto's Special Rye: Spicy, coffee, cocoa; imparts a brown hue in all styles, less tannins for smooth flavor.
    • 1 lb
    • 5 lb
    • 50 lb
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