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Otto Hoxxeim Deluxe Beer Kit

Brew your own beer at home - zero experience needed! This complete kit provides all ingredients & tools. Unleash your inner brewer, savor the fresh flavor, and enjoy your unique creations. This kit includes everything you need to make a 2.5 gallons of beer.


For a full list of all of the available varieties, see our corresponding Beer Ingredient Kits.


Otto Hoxxeim Deluxe Beer Kit

SKU: V8718
    • Fermentation Vessel
    • Ingredients & Additives
    • Air Lock w/ Screw Cap
    • Pouring Spigot
    • Funnel
    • Polyseal Cap
    • 12-500mL bottles w/ labels & caps
    • Instructions
    • Dry Malt Extract
    • Sterilizer
    • Yeast
    • Clarifying Agent
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