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Natural Blend - Six Gallon Kit

Contains 16-liters of concentrate.

Makes 6 gallons (23 liters) of wine.
Yields 12% ABV.


Enjoy delicious homemade wine in just 6-8 weeks! 16-liters of concentrate, yields 6 gallons of high-quality wine. Made with real grape concentrate made from varietals across the Finger Lakes, Californian, and European Old World regions.


Long Shelf Life: Unopened bases are shelf-stable for up to a year, no refrigeration needed.

Pre-Strained Convenience: No messy fruit pieces to remove – the base is already blended!

High Yield: Each makes a full 6 gallons of wine at 12% ABV.

Natural Blend - Six Gallon Kit

SKU: V8840
    • Premiere Red
    • Pink Catawba
    • Steuben
    • Delaware
    • Premiere White
    • Niagara
    • Aurora
    • Diamond
    • Premiere Rose
    • White Catawba
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