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Primary Fermenter Solid Lid

Replacement Grommeted Lid for our Primary Fermenter pails. Comes in two varieties, either solid or drilled with a hole to place your fermentation lock.


Note: Lids are intended for single use. Removal of the tearaway strip causes the lid to not seal tightly. Lid will still snap onto the bucket rim but will not form a hard seal. Grommet color may vary.


Product of Canada.

Primary Fermenter Solid Lid

SKU: V1461
    • 1 gal
    • 2 gal
    • 3 gal
    • 4 gal
    • 5 gal
    • 6 gal
    • 6.8 gal
    • 7.5 gal
    • 8 gal
    • 10 gal
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