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Backyard Bbq Sauce Kit

Become a barbecue legend with our Make Your Own Barbecue kit! This comprehensive set provides everything you need to craft mouthwatering sauces and marinades, personalized to your taste preferences. Unleash your inner grill master and impress your guests with smoky, savory, and spicy creations.


Comes in 4 units per case minimum.

Backyard Bbq Sauce Kit

SKU: V10544
    • Three Bottles w/ Labels
    • Wide Mouth Funnel
    • Ingredients
    • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Recipe Sheet
    • Cayenne Pepper: Provides a fiery kick of heat for those who like it spicy.
    • Chili Powder: Enhances the spice level with a blend of chili peppers and other spices.
    • Paprika: Infuses a warm, smoky, and slightly sweet taste to your barbecue.
    • Smoke Flavoring Powder: Infuses a rich, smoky flavor that takes your barbecue to the next level.
    • Seasoned Salt: A flavorful blend of salt, spices, and herbs that adds depth and savory notes to your barbecue.
    • Onion Powder: Adds a sweet and savory onion flavor without the need for fresh onions.
    • Mustard Powder: Provides a sharp and tangy kick to your barbecue rub.
    • Thyme: Imparts a subtle earthy and minty flavor that balances the other spices.
    • Ginger Powder: Adds a warm, slightly sweet, and spicy note to your barbecue.
    • Garlic Powder: Adds a savory and pungent garlic flavor without the need for fresh cloves.
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